Herbivore033: Counter Culture/Herbivore x Riverside Sourdough

The weekend of the 3rd & 4th December sees Herbivore teaming up with Riverside Sourdough to create a special brunch and lunch menu to showcase perhaps the best bread available in Cardiff right now.  Organic, handmade and bloody delicious. Everything will be freshly baked on the day – no menu details yet but expect things on toast, a sandwich or two, brioche, ice cream and croissant. More details about Riverside Sourdough and their products here.

The menu will be on offer for the usual Herbivore Embassy ours of 11 – 5 on both Saturday & Sunday. This one’s a la carte rather than supper club style so no need to book.


Saturdays At The Embassy Cafe

The Herbivore pop=up micro cafe is back at the Embassy Cafe in Cathays Community Centre for the next three Saturdays (June 18th, June 25th & July 2nd). Won’t be there on 9th July but will be back in full swing from the 17th onwards.

The plan is to offer a small, fresh. ever-changing menu using the best of local produce with an emphasis on vegan food. We’ve got delicious fresh bread from Riverside Sourdough, fine fair-trade filter coffee from Fairwater (well, originally from Guatemala), great veg from Blaencamel and Field Days Organics and a selection of freshly baked biscuits and cakes.

Featured on the menu this week are homemade Elderflower and Rhubarb Fizz and beautiful golden beetroot form Field Days. See you there.

The Herbivore Olive Oil Club

Last year I stayed at a wonderful organic farm in Sicily couple of times – first picking grapes, then cooking vegetarian lunches for a Tai Chi camp.  Cooking felt much easier and simpler there, partly because of the quality of the local produce but also because of the incredible olive oil produced on site.  Bright, fresh and fruity, it was like nothing I’d tasted before.

Now I have the chance to import some direct from the farm to home and I’m looking for people who might be interested in buying some.  If I can get enough people to commit to buying 3 litres each then it will be worth the shipping costs. 3 litre cans cost £35, which is more expensive than the junk that supermarkets sell but much cheaper than anything of comparable quality available in this country.

There’s nothing in it for me financially, but I’ll get a supply of great oil and give some trade to a fantastic family-run farm.

Interested? email me: simon@theherbivore.co.uk

And here’s a word from our sponsor:

BOSCO FALCONERIA Azienda biologica Simeti Taylor
The organic farm Bosco Falconeria is located 40 miles west of Palermo, Sicily in the hills overlooking the Gulf of Castellammare and has belonged to the Simeti family since 1933. Antonio Simeti and his wife, Mary Taylor Simeti, took over the property in the 1980’s, diversifying the land and increasing the property to over 35 acres. For 2 years now, their daughter Natalia has taken over, and has thrown all her passion in to working the land. She makes the wine alongside her father. The winery is located 250 meteres above sea level and the soil is very fertile, with a lot of limestone. Bosco Falconeria also bottles their own extra virgin olive oil and sells their fruit and vegetables to speciality stores in Palermo. The farm obtained official organic certification in 1989.

The skillful blending of Biancolilla, Cerasuola and Nocellara olives, picked by hand in our olive groves and pressed the same day, produces a high quality oil, intensely green in color and with a slightly sharp, fruity taste.